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 Infinite Rainbows-Mindfulness Program for Kids

Children's Mindfulness Consultant

We are a program that uses a multi-sensory approach to mindfulness. To us, mindfulness means developing self-regulating and problem solving strategies using a variety of modalities.  We incorporate yoga , music, art, and movement to provide children a variety of tools for their social/emotional toolbox. We are a Children's mindfulness consultant and yoga teachers with a desire to help our community.



My Story

After 20 years in the classroom, I discovered that there is an increase of children that experience daily imbalances within their realm.  I wanted to start a program that allows these sweet beings an opportunity to intrinsically navigate what is occurring internally in a language they can understand.  I was Star 104.5's Teacher of the Year in 2010, and have led several professional developments on mindfulness and building self-regulating strategies using a multi-sensory approach.  
Studies who that the more senses we incorporate in a lesson, the higher the rate of retention and resonance it has on the child.  My passion rests in being a resource for families so we can help these children become successful independent beings.


Individual sessions

One on One customized program

If your family prefers a more specialized approach, we do offer one-on-one sessions.  These include a 90 minute initial visit, where we have a detailed consultation to create a customized plan of service.

Group Sessions

Building strength as a community

My clients are my number one priority, and I want to ensure they receive what they truly need.  Part of a mom's group or have a group of friends with children?  We are a mobile practice that will come to you! We do weekly, monthly, or sporadic sessions geared toward your needs.

After school, home school, and private school programs

The Community as One

We would love to service your community in anyway we can.  We specifically cater to the home school/private school communities by providing course objectives for art, music, health, and physical education. We can also provide assessments and student work for portfolios as needed


Ms. Linden enjoys helping others and sharing her knowledge. She knows how to fill a room with laughter and giggles.  She knows when to say the right things, and am happy to know she's doing what she loves to do.

Kiara Johnson


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